Tyn-Albion is an ancient land with a long history of invasion and strife. In many ways it may be best likened to the Isle of Britain in the early thirteenth century. First inhabited by the Thurna Duin, these ancient dwarves gave way to the Fey, who in turn were driven into the deepening dells and grottos by the Tuatha-Elwy. These elves held the land much like the indigenous Britons of England for many years before the coming of the Eodoxian tribes. These barbarians first arrived on the shores of Tyn-Albion as hired mercenaries, though it was not long before they become conquerors themselves. The Fost and Juntlanders inexorably pushed the Tuatha-Elwy west, until they established the three kingdoms of Partha, Lothhumbria, and Valhumbria. These lands flourished and fought together before finally being subsumed within the larger kingdom of Valhumbria by Corrin Aberfyr. However, as the _Book of Days _tells us, Valhumbria’s time as an Eodoxian hold was numbered as well, for across Leviathan Bay the Church of the Silver Sun grew more powerful with each passing decade. Finally, the proper mixture of political and religious strife was born, and Tyn-Albion greeted its newest invader. Martel Therotingian came at the head of a Ffenarian army and with the strong support of the Silver Sun. Much like the Norman invasion of 1066, Martel’s invasion was successful, and a new political and religious peerage was established in Valhumbria. Today, over a hundred noble families have carved up the ancient land and vie for power under an absent king. The viking-like Veogothians grow restless in the north, the Horselords of the south continuously test the border, the Tuatha-Elwy peer from their ancient forests, and the Daemon Crusade drags on. Tyn-Ablion, as always, is in need of heroes.

A campaign world with a High Middle-Ages, Anglo-Norman feel, with heavy Nordic influences, knights and intrigue, rich history, and low magic.